Creating a regenerative

carbon ecosystem

We enable a holistic transition to low carbon solutions by developing and deploying decarbonization technologies at scale

Impact vision

Reducing 100 Million tonnes of global emissions by 2040

Reducing 100 Million tonnes of global emissions by 2040

Technology Journey

Susteon conceives, creates, and commercializes innovative technologies to accelerate decarbonization.


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Trusted by Industry Pioneers

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The knowledge that the Susteon team brings is second to none from my experience - impressive deep technical bench strength and relevancy that has aligned perfectly with our Catalyst Technology Business strategy for the Energy Transition. I have appreciated how they have been able to simplify complex subjects and distill them down into logical opportunities.

Jerry Springs
R&D Director, Emerging & Fluidization Technologies
photo of jerry springs

Susteon stands out in market development despite the intricate technicalities involved in their integrated DAC method that leverages Power-to-X technology and reactive capture. Susteon’s consistent engagement with aviation sector end-users underscores the importance of collective action in funding critical emerging technologies. Aviation’s sustainability will owe its success to grantees like Susteon, who propel industry sectors to collective action.

Tom Light
President & CEO, Aviation TaskForce
Susteon in the News
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Susteon gets selected for a part of DOE's $45 Million investment into Reduce Carbon Pollution

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Carbon Capture
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Susteon selected for Department of Energy award to support development of a novel technology to reduce the cost of CO2 direct air capture

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Carbon Capture
Hydrogen tankers

Susteon breaks new ground in Clean Hydrogen Production by gaining funding for TWO significant projects by the DOE

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Hydrogen Production
factory by the ocean

Tapping the oceans for CO2 removal to producing renewable fuel : How innovations are tackling climate change

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Carbon Utilization
carbon capture units

Mind Your Business: Decoding Carbon Capture Potential - Making Methane from CO2

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Carbon Capture

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"Susteon embodies the ideal blend of people-centric values, technological innovation, and commitment to creating a positive impact. Prioritizing individuals with a supportive work culture, dedication to leveraging cutting-edge technology, and a culture of innovation to think creatively resonates deeply with me."

Jian-Ping Shen
Senior Principal Scientist

"I have had a lot of fun working at Susteon. I particularly like the way that I get to work on many different aspects of a project with an emphasis on learning new skills and critical thinking. I work on a project that works to reduce emissions from power plants using a liquid carbon capture solvent. "

Sujay Someshwar
Research Engineer

"At Susteon, I love seeing colleagues debate and build upon each other's ideas - truly innovating in real time to address REAL industry and global problems!"

Brian Alexander
General Counsel

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